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    Due to the serious direction of carding for airline tickets carding, using carding requires increased responsibility and security, since in addition to the carder, a person who is flying on this flight can suffer.

    There are 4 options for buying:

    1. Direct buying via an agent
    2. Buying via an agent through a payment form
    3. Revards
    4. Direct buying via the Air Company
    Each of the airline tickets carding methods has both pluses and huge minuses, we will analyze each of them in order.

    1. Direct purchase via an agent: airline tickets carding

    An agent is an intermediary between Air Companies and aircraft passengers. In this case, the payment goes to the agent, and he, in turn, sends the money (net money) to the Air Companies. This option is the safest for anyone who flies, since when a ticket flies, all questions will be addressed to the intermediary. Most often, agents are sites with merchants with payment from VBV.

    Tips for this method:

    Do not trying carding air tickets until you gain experience in a shops carding and / or in the paypal carding.
    Stock up on finances, as it will take a lot of money to search for merchandise and material.
    Record each action during buying: day of the week, time of day, bin, config, language, country, etc.
    Do not be afraid to experiment in approaches or in the material, because only in this way will you be able to approach success.
    Buy on different amounts and on different flights to check merch.

    Before flying yourself or sending customers, you must be 100% sure that your method is reliable !!!

    The topic with airline tickets carding today is very delayed, so even a mate with VBV does not give any guarantees of success. Depending on the airline and destination, passengers may be requested to draw a CC. You should know these nuances in advance and inform your client about them.

    There are times that upon successful payment - tickets are sent, but after some time cancellation occurs. Most often this happens due to additional verification of the payment. In this case, we write to the caller and he should already find out the reasons and try to solve them.

    We will analyze the process of buying with VBV in stages:

    We carefully configure our system so that there are no flaws.
    We select a clean sock / tunnel under the card holder or raise our own.
    We go to the Agent’s website and warm it up before buying.
    Choose a ticket and pay for it

    To buy in, we need a VBV CC with a reset (vbv code reset is meant) and always with Full Info, it is desirable to use BINs from Business to Corporate, since there are mostly large balances on them.

    If you buy a CC from sellers - just write to them that you need CC for air and they will filter it for you.

    Buying process:

    We register mail under card holder, then goes to the agent’s website, register, warm up the shop and order a ticket for the passenger’s data and, as usual, if successful, we get a message that our order was successfully completed and, after checking or with an instant ticket, if we get declined - we try to drive into another agent or change the BIN, system, etc.

    2. Purchase via an agent with a form of payment:airline tickets carding

    To do this, we buy a CC - we check for validity and order a call to the agent, the caller, in turn, comes up with a story why he (that is, you) can not pay for the order on the site and you will receive a payment authorization form on the mail, fill it in and draw CC and passport or ID on the card holder, then we send them the necessary documents by mail and order the ringing again so that he informs them of this.

    The problem with this method is that there are very few agents that still take the form of authorization, but if you find one, try milking it to the fullest.

    3. Revards: airline tickets carding

    There are loyalty programs that allow you to make hotels / air tickets / cars, that is, everything for the tourist. There is very little left - to find such!
    Miles from airline companies are also a very working topic, although large airline companies already have everything overdue, and here I want to note an important nuance when we pay for a ticket with miles, often we need to pay taxes and fees with money, we paying it via a CC, but we also need to find a CC so that charge back (refund) would be as long as possible. The amount of taxes and surcharges is usually not more than 20-100 bucks per passenger.

    Accounts can be obtained in the following ways:

    Brut it themselves
    We buy it from the logs
    We buy brut accounts in shops

    I do not recommend using the following method, since serious consequences are possible!

    4. Direct purchase into the Air Company airline tickets carding

    Most often, buying directly into the Air Company does not pose any problems, since no one or almost no one does it + almost always there is not even a VBV, and the anti-fraud is not so fierce, why? Because this is Avia Companies - these are world-class corporations and they can always return their money from a passenger through a court. Direct purchase is a criminal and very dangerous business. There are a lot of cases when an Airline company sues all money + the so-called moral damage. So better not even try

    Air Safety: airline tickets carding

    If you are making a ticket to a customer, always have the full amount to be refunded in case of unexpected problems. If you yourself want to fly in these ways, then have the cash to pay the full cost of the ticket in case of problems and never in any case talk about it even to the closest people.

    If you open the service, make sure 100% that your scheme works, as the fate of the client depends on it. Work exclusively through a guarantee service, do not take orders that you cannot fulfill, never hit directly at the Air Company and in merchandise, and always agree on everything with the client before the flight.

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    Hello. In this thread I will talk about carding via buy CC carding into a shops.

    In first:

    We buy CC on dumpkingdom24. for buy cc carding.
    Naturally, before we start buying, we must purchase everything we need.
    First of all, we buy the CC. Her choice is built on our needs and financial capabilities.

    Anonymity and system setup.for CC carding buy.
    CC is,we pass to anonymity.
    Choose for yourself what you like SOCKS DED SSH.
    If you chose a virtual machine, then the browser must be FireFox.
    Socks5 - if you chose socks, then you can buy them both with hands and from shops. Before buying, check the address of the holder on the Zip-code, it can be requested when buying socks. If there is one - excellent!

    Dedicated Server. It’s more complicated. Do not be lazy, look in the forums for a good seller. Antiford will thank you.

    SSH tunnels. Tunnels - a great thing, you can take in shops and with your hands. If possible, rent a private tunnel for a month.

    Set up Great, now let's go check.
    There are many anonymity checking services online.
    For example,,

    After registering mail on hotmail or yahoo under the holder.
    Example the name of the card holder is Emma Smith, which means we are registering mail -

    If everything stands still, there is a high level of anonymity, the soap is registered - let's get started!

    Choose a shop.for cc carding buy .
    I recommend starting with small shops, the network is full of them. Warm up the shop.
    You can create an account a few days before buying, communicate with support, climb shop (under the ip of card holder).

    Payment. buy cc
    So, we warmed up a shop, talked with support and chose a product. Now you can pay.
    Press the button, go to the form of payment.
    First purchase need to be on the drop's address, which will receive the order.
    Enter all the data manually! Making minor mistakes - fixing! Thus, we pretend that we are rewriting all the data from the card.
    They drove everything in, click “pay”.

    Next, we have 2 options decline or success.

    If the decline, then something went wrong (deceased cc, poorly configured system, etc.)
    After the refusal, we take another card and repeat all the steps from the first paragraph.

    If success - do not rush to rejoice.
    The holder can quickly submit an application to the bank, and the bank will quickly consider it, then the parcel will be deployed back.
    If this happens - forget and make a new purchase.

    Unforeseen situations.
    It happens that the card passed, but the track code was not given, and the message confirm your identity was sent to the mail.
    This may be due to the fact that the shop decided to make sure that the order is made by the card holder.
    Verification in two ways dialing or requesting documents.

    When you purchase something, you do not indicate the number. We send the number to the shop when we request a call.
    For calling, buy register Skype or Google Voice. Then you can chat with a shop yourself, or use the caller service, they know all the subtleties of communicating with support and accept a call for a small amount, and they can also persuade support for a small discount.

    Documents. If you can draw passports DL card - excellent, you can prepare a passport for the card holder in advance. If you do not know how, we go to people who professionally render the necessary document.That all for buy CC carding!!!

    BUY CVV with DOB SNN & BUY Credit CARD DUMPS all Country

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