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we have an official threads on these forums also:
omerta.cx (omertavzkmsn6tp6.onion), crdclub.cc (crdclub4wraumez4.onion), verified.sc (verified2ebdpvms.onion), cdotws.pw
korovka.cc (korovka32xc3t5cg.onion), cdotws.pw, enclave.ac, cardmafia.pw, cardvilla.net, procrd.me, promarket.cc, wwh-club.net

so you can find more feedbacks on these forums if you need

don't know who we are? never heard about us before?
just a few good words about us from a well-known journalist:


JSTASH LINK: http://jstash.bazar/ <= ONLY THIS LINK IS LEGIT (and your private domains)
we don't have other links, all other links are fake/scam/clone/ripper sites !!

Don't know how to browse .BAZAR links? It's very simple!
Install one of the following browser Extension/Addon for .BAZAR blockchain-based domains surfing:
Blockchain DNS (best choice): https://blockchain-dns.info/
PeerName: https://peername.com/browser-extension/
friGate CDN: https://fri-gate.org/
Attention! Do not install them all together because they may conflict with each other, install only one of them.
If one particular plugin does not work well - try another plugin.

Keep in mind that the browser may trigger the search operation if you type "jstash.bazar" in the address bar.
There are two ways to fix that:
1. Type the domain with a trailing slash, example: "jstash.bazar/".
2. Type the domain with the protocol, example: "http://jstash.bazar".

*** If you are using another browser or another device (iOS, Android):
You can also use OpenNIC https://www.opennic.org/ DNS servers for .BAZAR domains surfing
Simply modify your internet connection DNS settings and set one of the OpenNIC public DNS servers
Servers list: https://servers.opennic.org/

Only trust links posted at the official Jokerís Stash forums threads.
Do NOT trust links from anywhere else - Google/Bind/Yahoo search results are always fake/scam/clone ripper sites !!
Also We do not provide support via Telegram/ICQ/QQ/Jabber/Skype or any other messenger.
People who claim they are Joker's Stash support team on Telegram/ICQ/QQ/Jabber/Skype are rippers!