Hi guys! Welcome to my autoshop.

Over 1 millon CC available. All countries and types of cards
Auto payment
Any selection is free
Daily updates

Registration is free but account quantity is limited. If you cannot try 30-60 min later. Inactive accounts remove every hour and then you can register. If you will be inactive your account can be remove also.

After registration read FAQ very attentively!

Shop links
TOR: astraysgnh7u7ytq.onion

Attention! After update next 24 hours I sell only via jabber and ICQ (95% valid). After cards upload in shop
Also if shop under DDoS or maintenance I sell via jabber and ICQ

ICQ: 2079684
Jabber: s111@exploit.im
Send authorisation request before to send a message. Due to spammers activity I blocked all messages from not authorized contacts
I have no other contacts!