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Thread: 400.000 unique proxies every day! Exclusive and Personal proxies, VPN and DoubleVPN!

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    400.000 unique proxies every day! Exclusive and Personal proxies!

    [size=12pt]RSocks: Professional solutions for providing a personal privacy[/size]

    The advantages of RSocks:
    • High quality services. Working with RSocks, you achieve maximum efficiency of the workflow;
    • 24-hour technical support. Simply choose the convenient communication channel for you: Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ,
      ticket system and convenient Live chat on our site;
    • Attention to details. Individual approach to solving your problems;
    • Payments on the referral system are made within 24 hours;
    • Guarantee of anonymity, absence of logging;
    • Refunds are made within 24 hours (except for daily packages);
    • Free hour of testing our services for new users.

    Advantages in using VPN from RSocks:
    • Maximum safety. The service creates a special encryption tunnel, through which all your personal information
      will be transmitted;
    • Lack of logs. Our system does not provide for the maintenance of statistics and does not create records by which
      the user could be identified;
    • Support for Torrent, P2P, VoIP. Having installed our VPN, you get a unique opportunity to download unlimited
      volumes of video and audio, as well as share your content with other users;
    • Unlimited bandwidth. Using VPN from RSocks, you can watch streaming video, chat with friends on video chat
      and use other features of the global network;
    • Versatile use. Our VPN service works on all devices, including game consoles and Smart-TVs with an Internet
    • Own applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

    Servers are located in the following countries:

    USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Israel,
    Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Estonia, Belgium, Austria and others.
    At the moment, the number of countries is more than 30, and this figure is increasing daily.

    White Label definition on Wikipedia

    Read more about this offer on RSocks White Label

    All requests and suggestions will be received on the mail

    A link to download RSocks proxy checker you can find on the main page, and IP-Changer - in your personal account.

    PHONE: +1 518 555 0176
    Telegram: @RSocks
    QQ: 3307018252
    WeChat: rsocks
    ICQ: 560335
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    RSocks Project is one of the leaders in the world proxy market, providing a full range of services in the field of anonymity and security in the network. More than 30 people work on the service.

    We offer you the possibility of a quick start to the business of selling our proxy services under your brand, based on the White Label model.
    White Label definition on Wikipedia

    You will get:

    • Quick launch. You do not need to invest in the development of the service and spend a lot of time and money on it; In the shortest time you will launch your service for renting a proxy;
    • Branding. The service will be designed in your style and on your domain.
    • Finished infrastructure. You immediately get a platform in which all the important features for the convenience of the client's work with the proxy are implemented.
    • Update. Constant free update of the software core and the entire platform.
    • Support for many languages. Platform in Chinese, English and Spanish! What makes it possible to sell the product right away in many countries.
    • API. Your customers will have support for all APIs that we have in the system and upon a request we will add new ones.
    • Unique conditions for the price of packages;
    • Professional Back-support.

    Your company must provide:

    • Marketing.
    • Customers support.
    • Payments receiving.


    • Support. If you do not cope with the flow of customers, you can connect our specialists to resolve issues with customers.
    • Payments receiving. We can also connect our payment systems to your service, what will let us be sending funds to you instead of you sending funds to us.

    The proposal can be interesting to both current market players who expanding the range of services and increasing the quality of services, as well as for new companies entering the market. So many companies are already successfully working on the market this way!

    Also we can connect the following services for you by request: VPN, Personal proxy.

    Send the request today and you will be able to start your proxy service in the shortest time!

    Or maybe you have your own proxy and you do not want to bother with finding customers?
    Then just write to us and we can connect your proxy to our service, thereby creating a large flow of customers and income for you!

    All requests and suggestions we are accepted to e-mail -

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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    Red face

    RSocks wishes you a Merry Christmas!

    Please accept the most sincere wishes: professional successes, new victories and achievements, fulfillment of the set goals, good health, joy and happiness, peace and prosperity!

    We hope to continuation of our cooperation!

    RSocks team congratulate you on Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    One of the main holidays - New Year is approaching fast!

    Of course, the RSocks team can not skip and leave our dear customers without gifts.

    Conditions for participants:

    • During the period from December 28 to December 31, replenish the balance by at least 2017 $ and get 17% bonus.
    • During the period from January 1 to January 3, replenish the balance from 2018 $ and you will receive a bonus of 18% of this amount.

    Attention: if you replenished the specified amount and ordered a moneyback, only the replenishment amount, without interest, will be returned. To participate in the offer, you only need to write to support team immediately after you credit funds to the balance.

    Summing up the outgoing year, we want to say that this year has become for us a year of victories and achievements. All the goals that have been set for us this year have been achieved. Thanks to this, we firmly consolidated our position as a leader among the services to ensure privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

    Having done a great job this year, we launched a VPN service, in which more than 30 countries are available. Also, we began to provide personal proxies for our customers with a large selection of countries, promptly adding new countries upon request. No service can boast of this! For this year our services have already benefited more than 4,000 people, and more than 15,000 have registered! This is a record figure! Now everyone can open their proxy service thanks to the "White Label" model! This year we began to conquer new countries: China, Spain, Brazil and many others!
    Our technical support now can communicate in 4 languages: Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish.

    And most importantly, our team increased from 16 people to 35 in just 10 months. We work hard to provide you with quality services. All this became possible only thanks to you! Thank you, friends, for such trust!

    We believe that this is not the limit, and we intend to surpass our own results next year. In 2018 we prepare for you a lot of interesting and useful innovations, the expansion of the tariff line, the launch of new packages, the increase in online. At the same time, the quality of our services will only increase!

    The RSocks team wishes you to Happy New Year! We wish you success and progress, growth and development, achievement of the set goals and conquest of new heights! Discover new horizons with RSocks!
    And do not forget that our support works 24/7 even on New Year holidays! Write to us at any time, we are always glad to see you!

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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    very good socks ++++++++++++A

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    Thank you for the positive feedback!

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    Hello! We are glad to bring you the latest news on the RSocks project!

    German localization

    The homepage and your panel page are now available in German to all users.
    The technical support of the service was not left unattended, and from 24.01.18 the support can advise on any questions,
    concerning the acquisition of a proxy in German.

    Updated dashboard at your personal area.

    For the convenience of working processes of our clients we have updated the main page of your panel.
    From now on, all the necessary information for tracking the status of your purchases is in a prominent and convenient place.
    Additional blocks for quick display of tickets, news and fresh blog entries are also displayed on the new start screen.
    And as for users of our referral system, a convenient block of tracking information on new referrals has been added.

    In addition to the wide range and high quality of the services we provide,
    we strive to make the most comfortable environment for the work of all our customers!

    Thank you for your attention!

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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    At us at once some news about personal proxy and not only, namely:

    New countries are available for work.

    The list of available servers for working with personal proxies became available
    Thailand, Portugal and Singapore,
    as well as in the near future, a general list of server options will be added.

    Only Thailand was added to the list of available servers for VPN.

    Support for HTTP (S) and Socks4a on personal proxies.

    By the numerous requests of customers who work with personal proxies
    there is an opportunity to work through the protocols HTTP (S) and Socks4a.

    P.S. Also, we are starting to develop our news blog,
    Last week we published a new article about the development of artificial

    Artificial Intelligence DQN and WCS

    If you have the experience and the desire to write really interesting articles concerning peace
    IT-technologies and security - write to us in a personal on the forum!
    Do not miss the opportunity to become part of the RSocks team!

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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    New Geo for Personal proxy!

    To work with personal proxies, new servers have been added in the following countries:
    • Sweden
    • Hong Kong
    • Finland
    • Estonia

    Go to page of Personal proxy.

    Launched a new VPN server in Finland!

    From today, you can use a server in Finland to work with VPN.
    The server is already available for selection in RSocks VPN application on all platforms.
    And also, all previously available servers were replaced with faster servers.

    Now the connection speed through RSocks VPN is even higher!

    Go to page of VPN service.

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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    Good day!

    We are happy to inform you about the work done during the last week:

    1) Additional IP bindings on personal proxies

    For all clients working with personal proxies, it added ability to use more than one IP binding.
    To bind an additional ip, specify it when purchasing or renewing the subscription.

    If you need an additional IP binding at the current personal proxy tariff, you need to contact the support with the appropriate request.
    An important point: The cost of each additional IP is 50% of the subscription cost.

    Go to the page of personal proxies

    2) New VPN servers are started

    To work with VPN you can use the server in Austria, Romania, France.
    Countries are already available for selection in the RSocks VPN application on all platforms.

    Go to the VPN service page

    3) The new package of standard proxies - China!

    The amount of online in the package is more than 6000 proxy.
    We remind you that the update of standard proxy packets occurs every 3 hours.
    At the same time, 30% of the proxy list is updated.

    Go to the standard proxy page

    4) Hourly rental "World Mix 1"!

    From now on, customers are available hourly rental of the package "World Mix 1" standard proxy.
    The cost of 1 hour of use is $ 5.

    Go to the standard proxy page

    Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: RSocks
    Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

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