View Full Version : Carding drop tutorial: 5 proven methods of professional carders how to drop a purchase

01-29-2020, 09:59 AM
In this article we want to talk about such an important thing as drop. Always pay with couriers in cash or with a card that is not tracked. Do not leave traces behind you; watch the cameras so as not to get on them.

Delivery to the hotel
Works all over the world but needs a fake ID

You must call the hotel and ask them to accept the package until you are in your room. The main thing is that your reason is plausible why you can not accept the package. When the package is delivered, just pick it up from the reception. You do not need to pay for the number, just pick up the drop and leave. We recommend using this carding drop method once in the same hotel.

Error in delivery address
Works around the world without a fake ID

You need to make an order for a fake address and then inform the courier that the address has changed and pick up the package somewhere else. This drop method can be used often but from different phone numbers or in different companies.

Leased mailbox
Works all over the world but needs a fake ID

Rent a mailbox and receive packages of 1-2 weeks no more. Do not come to this carding drop after 2 weeks of use. The organization providing the mailbox itself signs the parcels so you can pick up any package from it.

Rent a house or apartment.
Works all over the world but needs a fake ID

Rent the cheapest house and receive packages at the address within 2-3 weeks. Then stop paying the rent and donít show up there anymore. Do not come to this carding drop after 3 weeks of use.

A house without tenants. House for sale
Works around the world does not need a fake ID.

Order parcels to the address and leave a note for the courier to put the parcel and leave. Do not use this drop method twice for one courier. (https://dumpkingdom24.com/carding_drop_tutorial)